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NorthConnect is a power connection between Scotland and Norway.

The route corridor that the cables will take across the North Sea to Simadalen in Norway has now been consented by the relevant consenting authorities following a detailed subsea survey and consultation with marine users which contributed to a full environmental impact assessment report.

The underground cables will come ashore at Long Haven Bay, and connect to a converter station at Fourfields near Boddam, Peterhead, where the electricity will be converted from High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) to High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC). An HVAC cable will connect the converter station to the National Grid network at Peterhead substation. Similar infrastructure is proposed at the Norwegian landfall at Sima at the end of Hardangerfjord, with a converter station in Simadalen.


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Here you'll find the answers to some common questions.
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NorthConnect is owned by four public power companies.
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