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NorthConnect is a socially viable measure, says Norway’s Water Resources and Energy Directorate

Publisert 16.12.2019

NVE, Norway’s Water Resources and Energy Directorate has now unveiled its analysis of the NorthConnect interconnector project, which it has delivered to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Oslo, prior to a final decision being made by the Ministry.

NVE's analysis shows that the project has a very positive socio-economic outcome for Norway, generating a surplus of around 8.5 billion Norwegian Kroner (£850 million) and will create great value for the Norwegian community, one of the principle drivers in the Norwegian decision making process. NorthConnect is also viewed by the Directorate as a very good climate measure that will reduce emissions in the UK every year by around 2 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of one million passenger cars a year.

NorthConnect plans commissioning of the exchange cable in 2024. NVE believes that this will be sufficient time to gain experience with other new cables (NSL and Nordlink), and in its analysis states that it is reasonable to connect the cable from a system operating perspective in this time frame.

NorthConnect is a planned exchange cable between Eidfjord in Hardanger and Peterhead in Scotland. The cable will enable Norway to import excess wind power when it is very windy in the winter and there is a surplus of renewable power in Scotland. In addition, the cable enables Norway to export hydropower to Scotland in the summer when it has reduced renewable energy capability in comparison to Norway.

Scotland has approved an ambitious new Climate Change Bill and with NorthConnect, Scotland can import Norwegian hydropower to help balance the grid system which will help displace polluting fossil power generation in the UK, thereby contributing to major emissions cuts required by the Climate Change Act.